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OxTalk 18: The History and Theology of Advent (Plus Tips for Families)

In this week's OxTalk, Dr Marshall explains the history of Advent going back to AD 380 and the Catholic Theology and Principle of Penitential Delay with regard to liturgical feasts, food, sex, and salvation. If you want to keep your best Advent ever, then please listen to this OxTalk podcast right away:


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OxTalk 17: Dr Marshall Explains the Pope’s Synod on Family and Explains the Catholic Teaching on Conscience

Our Holy Father Pope Francis recently closed the 2015 General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops discussing conscience, divorce and remarriage, and homosexuality as it relates to the modern understanding of "family."

synod of bishops

This special NSTI OxTalk audio lesson commentary details the true Catholic doctrine of "conscience" (from the Catechism and Saint Thomas Aquinas) as it relates to the Synod, and also gives a line by line analysis of paragraphs from the the synod's final document.

You will be reassured and informed about the constant teaching of the Catholic Church on these topics and better understand the authentic Catholic teaching on "conscience."

Happy Feast of Saint Jude and Saint Simon. Keep the faith!

ad Jesum per Mariam,

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OxTalk 16: Why did God of Command Killing of Infants in Bible?

NSTI Member Ken asks Dr Marshall about why God commanded the killing of Infants in Ezekiel and Taylor looks at other passages from Genesis and Deuteronomy where God commands others to kill children. Dr. Marshall looks at the concept of "deputized justice" as upheld by Thomas Aquinas and the Catholic tradition. If you have questions on this topic, make sure that you listen to this OxTalk 16 file in Blubrry.

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OxTalk 14: How Did Christ Empty Himself: Philippians 2 and Saint Thomas Aquinas on Christ’s Beatific Vision

Many questions in NSTI center on the Beatific Vision of Christ.

In this OxTalk episode, Dr. Taylor Marshall examines the "Christ emptied Himself" passage in Philippians Chapter 2 and describes 2 incorrect interpretations and then explains the orthodox teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas.


Dr. Marshall also makes a practical lesson on how this teaching leads us to profound humility and a life of "faith and works."

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OxTalk 12: What is Meaning of Life? Thomas Aquinas gives the answer

I'm very excited to share with you this week's Oxtalk podcast answering our Members' questions about "What is the meaning of life?" Saint Thomas Aquinas spent a great bit of time on this topic and I wrote my PhD dissertation on this subject - so this is going to be a lot of fun. This Oxtalk will not only teach you some rich Catholic theology...it will change your Read More