OxTalk 12: What is Meaning of Life? Thomas Aquinas gives the answer

I'm very excited to share with you this week's Oxtalk podcast answering our Members' questions about "What is the meaning of life?" Saint Thomas Aquinas spent a great bit of time on this topic and I wrote my PhD dissertation on this subject - so this is going to be a lot of fun. This Oxtalk will not only teach you some rich Catholic theology...it will change your Read More

OxTalk 10: Holy Week Related Questions

Are you read to commemorate the death of Our Lord and celebrate His resurrection.Christ on donkeyThis week Taylor explains the traditional names for the days in Holy Week and opens up Saint Thomas Aquinas' reasons for why Christ rode a donkey into Jerusalem.Read More

OxTalk 09: Did the Father Forsake the Son During the Crucifixion?

I once heard a Protestant minister say that when Christ died on the cross, there was a rupture in the Trinity and God the Son was no longer "part of God." This is a grave error.Nonetheless, Christians are often confused by Christ's words "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" NSTI Member Rob B asks "How did God the Father 'forsake' Christ on the cross?"So in this session, we get deep and look at how Thomas Aquinas answers this apparent problem. Plus we also look at the modern error of claiming that Christ "despaired" on the cross and how this is impossible since "despair" is a sin against the theological virtue of hope.  Read More

OxTalk 06: Preambles of Faith and Aeviternity

This week we talk about Preambles of Faith and AeviternityPlease join Dr. Marshall as he answers questions about the Presuppositions of Faith (another term for the preambles) and Aeviternity:Our question this week comes from Premium Member Carl W:Read More

Review of September Post

September was our most popular month at the New Saint Thomas Institute!You won't want to miss them. Below you will find the most popular Videos, Forum and OxTalk for September. Click on the link to begin learning.Read More

OxTalk 05: Did Christ Know All Things as an Infant?

This week we talk about questions related to the Four Heresies of Christ.Please join Dr. Marshall as he answers questions about the Heresies of Christ:Our question this week comes from Premium Member Rich V:Read More

OxTalk 04: How to Number the 7 Covenants of God?

This week we talk about questions related to the concept of covenant.Our question this week comes from Premium Member James who writes:I am curious as to why you number seven covenants. You separate Creation and Adam. Scott Hahn and the Catechism lists 6 covenants do not separate these two. It seems that they should be united from a biblical perspective because Adam part of that creation and how God dwells in it. I look forward to your insights.Thank you! JamesPlease join Dr. Marshall as he answers questions about the covenants in Scripture:Read More