Welcome to the New Saint Thomas Institute Certificate in Catholic Apologetics. Charter and Premium members can follow these video lessons culminating in a final exam in order to receive their Certificate in Catholic Apologetics. Get started by clicking on a lessons below. When you finish watching a video, be sure to mark the “completed” button at the bottom of each lesson. This will keep track of what you have watched and studied.

Module 11. Getting Started with Your Catholic Apologetics Certificate
Unit 1Step 1: How to Keep Track of Your Progress in Apologetics
Unit 2Step 2: Practice Quiz for Apologetics
Unit 3Syllabus for the Certificate in Apologetics
Module 22. The Secrets to Catholic Apologetics
Unit 1What is Apologetics?
Unit 2Habits of the Effective Apologist
Unit 3Tools of the Catholic Apologist
Unit 45 Mistakes Catholics Make in Apologetics (Don't Do These)
Unit 5Quiz for the Secrets of Apologetics
Module 33. Controversial Catholic Moral Teachings
Unit 1Drugs, Marijuana, and Alcohol: A Catholic Teaching on Intoxication
Unit 2Contraception: How to Explain the Catholic Teaching on Human Sexuality
Unit 3Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage: How to Sanely Explain the Catholic Teaching
Unit 4Abortion: How to Defend the Catholic Teaching
Unit 5Divorce, Remarriage and Annulments in the Catholic Church
Unit 6Quiz on Moral Teachings
Module 44. Atheism and Secularism
Unit 1History of Atheism
Unit 2The Four Horsemen of the New Atheism
Unit 3The Absolute Best Way to Talk to an Atheist
Unit 4The 9 Best Arguments of Atheism (and How to Answer Them)
Unit 5Church and State: Religion and Secularism in the Public Square
Unit 6Quiz on Atheism and Secularism
Module 55. Answering Protestants
Unit 1The History of the Protestant Reformation
Unit 2How to Answer Scripture Alone (Sola Scriptura) in 2 Steps
Unit 3How to Answer Justification by Faith Alone (Sola Fide) in 3 Steps
Unit 4How to Explain the Eucharist is 5 Minutes
Unit 5The Virgin Mary: How to Explain Her to Protestants
Unit 6The Papacy: How to Explain It to Protestants
Unit 7Quiz on Answer Protestants
Module 66. When Catholics Leave the Church
Unit 1How to Draw People Back into the Catholic Church
Unit 2How to Talk with Catholic-to-Protestant Converts
Unit 3How to Talk with Cafeteria Catholics
Unit 4How to Talk about Scandalous Clergy
Unit 5How to Address Liturgical Abuse
Unit 6How to Talk with Sedevacantist and Radical Traditionalists
Unit 7Quiz on When Catholics Leave the Church
Module 77. Cults, Eastern Religions and New Age
Unit 1Latter Day Saints (Mormons) Refuted in 4 Points
Unit 2Jehovah’s Witnesses Refuted in 3 Points
Unit 3The Catholic View on Hinduism
Unit 4Buddhism: A Catholic Approach to Suffering and Salvation
Unit 5The Catholic View on Neo-Paganism and Wicca
Unit 6Is Yoga Okay for Christians?
Unit 7Quiz on Cults, New Age, and Eastern Religions
Module 88. How to Answer Jewish and Muslim Objections
Unit 15 Common Objections of Muslims Against Christianity
Unit 2How to Share the Faith with a Muslim?
Unit 3Do Muslims Worship the Same God?
Unit 4Do Jewish People Go to Heaven?
Unit 512 Common Jewish Objections against Catholicism
Unit 6How to Share the Faith with a Jewish Friend?
Unit 7For Jewish Friends: The Daniel Argument
Unit 8Quiz for Judaism and Islam
Module 9Module 9. Review and Final Exam
Unit 1Study Guide and Review for the Certificate in Catholic Apologetics
Unit 2Certificate in Catholic Apologetics Final Exam