Welcome to the New Saint Thomas Institute Certificate in Catholic Apologetics. Charter and Premium members can follow these video lessons culminating in a final exam in order to receive their Certificate in Catholic Apologetics. Get started by clicking on a lessons below. When you finish watching a video, be sure to mark the “completed” button at the bottom of each lesson. This will keep track of what you have watched and studied.

Module 1 1. Getting Started with Your Catholic Apologetics Certificate
Unit 1 Step 1: How to Keep Track of Your Progress in Apologetics
Unit 2 Step 2: Practice Quiz for Apologetics
Unit 3 Syllabus for the Certificate in Apologetics
Module 2 2. The Secrets to Catholic Apologetics
Unit 1 What is Apologetics?
Unit 2 Habits of the Effective Apologist
Unit 3 Tools of the Catholic Apologist
Unit 4 5 Mistakes Catholics Make in Apologetics (Don't Do These)
Unit 5 Quiz for the Secrets of Apologetics
Module 3 3. Controversial Catholic Moral Teachings
Unit 1 Drugs, Marijuana, and Alcohol: A Catholic Teaching on Intoxication
Unit 2 Contraception: How to Explain the Catholic Teaching on Human Sexuality
Unit 3 Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage: How to Sanely Explain the Catholic Teaching
Unit 4 Abortion: How to Defend the Catholic Teaching
Unit 5 Divorce, Remarriage and Annulments in the Catholic Church
Unit 6 Quiz on Moral Teachings
Module 4 4. Atheism and Secularism
Unit 1 History of Atheism
Unit 2 The Four Horsemen of the New Atheism
Unit 3 The Absolute Best Way to Talk to an Atheist
Unit 4 The 9 Best Arguments of Atheism (and How to Answer Them)
Unit 5 Church and State: Religion and Secularism in the Public Square
Unit 6 Quiz on Atheism and Secularism
Module 5 5. Answering Protestants
Unit 1 The History of the Protestant Reformation
Unit 2 How to Answer Scripture Alone (Sola Scriptura) in 2 Steps
Unit 3 How to Answer Justification by Faith Alone (Sola Fide) in 3 Steps
Unit 4 How to Explain the Eucharist is 5 Minutes
Unit 5 The Virgin Mary: How to Explain Her to Protestants
Unit 6 The Papacy: How to Explain It to Protestants
Unit 7 Quiz on Answer Protestants
Module 6 6. When Catholics Leave the Church
Unit 1 How to Draw People Back into the Catholic Church
Unit 2 How to Talk with Catholic-to-Protestant Converts
Unit 3 How to Talk with Cafeteria Catholics
Unit 4 How to Talk about Scandalous Clergy
Unit 5 How to Address Liturgical Abuse
Unit 6 How to Talk with Sedevacantist and Radical Traditionalists
Unit 7 Quiz on When Catholics Leave the Church
Module 7 7. Cults, Eastern Religions and New Age
Unit 1 Latter Day Saints (Mormons) Refuted in 4 Points
Unit 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses Refuted in 3 Points
Unit 3 The Catholic View on Hinduism
Unit 4 Buddhism: A Catholic Approach to Suffering and Salvation
Unit 5 The Catholic View on Neo-Paganism and Wicca
Unit 6 Is Yoga Okay for Christians?
Unit 7 Quiz on Cults, New Age, and Eastern Religions
Module 8 8. How to Answer Jewish and Muslim Objections
Unit 1 5 Common Objections of Muslims Against Christianity
Unit 2 How to Share the Faith with a Muslim?
Unit 3 Do Jewish People Go to Heaven?
Unit 4 12 Common Jewish Objections against Catholicism
Unit 5 How to Share the Faith with a Jewish Friend?
Unit 6 For Jewish Friends: The Daniel Argument
Unit 7 Quiz for Judaism and Islam
Module 9 Module 9. Review and Final Exam
Unit 1 Study Guide and Review for the Certificate in Catholic Apologetics
Unit 2 Certificate in Catholic Apologetics Final Exam