Quiz for Four Gospels and Acts

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Active Quiz for Gospels and Acts
Question #1: This hypothetical document is an invention of liberal Protestant scholars that allegedly contains the teaching of Jesus without record of his miracles, death, or resurrection.
Question #2: According to Church Fathers like Saint Augustine, in what order were the Gospels written?
Question #3: Which are the synoptic gospels?
Question #4: Matthew is signified by:
Question #5: Which Gospel is more Hebraic and uses the most Old Testament imagery?
Question #6: What is the “Messianic Secret”?
Question #7: Which Evangelist was a physician?
Question #8: Luke is depicted as an ox because he focuses on Christ as our Sacrifice.
Question #9: Which Gospel begins with: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”?
Question #10: The book of Acts begins in Jerusalem and ends in Antioch.
Question #11: The Second Half of Acts is chiefly about whom?