Quiz for TLM Introduction

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Quiz for TLM Intro
Question #1: Which is not a kind of Latin Mass?
Question #2: Which parts of Mass change depending on the day?
Question #3: A traditional altar has 3 crosses engraved into it.
Question #4: A hand Missal's ribbons are always supposed to match the vestments of the priest for that day/feast.
Question #5: The golden vessel in which the hosts are kept is called ciborium.
Question #6: What does the server use under the chin of communicants to protect the Eucharistic host from falling onto the ground?
Question #7: Which is NOT a vestment worn by a priest when he is the celebrant?
Dalmatics are worn by the cleric serving as a deacon.
Question #8: On his head, a bishop wears a mitre.
Question #9: Bishops have different and more prayers than a priest when vesting for Mass.
Question #10: How many candles are lit on the altar for a Low Mass (Missa Privata)?