Quiz for TLM Walkthrough

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Quiz for TLM Walkthrough
Question #1: Which is NOT a reason for using Latin in the Roman liturgy?
Question #2: Why are there prayers at the foot of the altar?
Question #3: The priest should confess his sins to God before ascending the altar.
Question #4: What is the Latin word for the proper verse recited or chanted at the entry of the priest?
Question #5: Who was the Pope that noted that the Church of Rome chanted the Kyrie Eleison with also addresses to Christ as "Christe Eleison"?
Question #6: We know the Gloria in Excelsis hymn is ancient because:
Question #7: What does "epistle" mean?
Question #8: The Gradual verse is called such because it relates to the ascending of steps (gradus, in Latin).
Question #9: The Gospel is read/chanted to the North because:
Question #10: Which Pope introduced the Nicene Creed into the Mass at Rome?
Question #11: The Roman Offertory is essentially collecting money from the pews.
Question #12: In the Roman Offertory, the priest mixes water and wine. What does the water signify?
Question #13: The only time "mystery of faith" appears in the New Testament, it refers to what?
Question #14: When the priest drops a fragment of the Body into the Blood after making 3 signs of the cross, what does it signify?
Question #15: Which Pope said reciting Our Father at Mass, goes all the way back to the Twelve Apostles?
Question #16: In the Roman Rite, when is the Holy Ghost explicitly invoked over the bread and wine?
Question #17: In the 1800s, it was common for Holy Communion to distributed after Mass was over.
Question #18: Why don't the laity receive the Precious Blood in the Roman Rite?
Question #19: Since Pope Pius V, what is the normative "Last Gospel" (besides on Christmas day)?