Quiz on When Catholics Leave the Church

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  1. dolores n
    dolores n says:

    As a cradle catholic, practicing my faith and experiencing the Holy Spirit later in life through reading the Bible I think what you are doing is most important in these times as St Jerome said ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of God.Over the years we have had processions,high mass,low mass, you knew you Bible and the Holy Spirit worked through you.I suppose I am saying what church Catholics need is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit .Mass in a tent will be is worship then .Bible classes like this are nourishing me.

  2. John C
    John C says:

    Dr. Taylor,

    Thank you for your clear, concise teachings on our Catholic faith. Your style is objective and non-confrontational, giving great moral authority to your words.

    I think I am starting to like Aggies😁 again after a traumatizing bonfire event in 1986.

    Now that is a miracle!

  3. Kathleen Liegl
    Kathleen Liegl says:

    What Latin mass are not Sedevacantist? SSPX, FSSP? It’s confusing me due to there are so many Latin masses being live streamed on YouTube now. Is Michael Matt from Remnant TV a sedevacantist? He is always putting Pope Francis down on YouTube. Please answer. I don’t know where to attend Latin mass.

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