Quiz for History of Roman Rite

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Quiz for History of Roman Rite
Question #1: Who is the founder of the Roman Rite?
Question #2: Who gives us the earliest description of Mass in Rome?
Question #3: Why do we learn more about Roman Liturgy after the death of Constantine in AD 337?
Question #4: Which Pope had Jerome translate the Bible into Latin and LIKELY brought the Mass into Latin?
Question #5: Which is not one of the three early Sacramentaries?
Question #6: Who is chiefly responsible for making the Roman Rite more standard throughout Europe.
Question #7: Which is NOT one of the Latin Rites?
Question #8: Pope Pius X issued a standard, printed Roman Missal after the Council of Trent.
Question #9: Define Gallicanization:
Question #10: Protestants, generally, favored a standardized liturgical practice.
Question #11: Which Pope promulgated the Novus Ordo Mass?
Question #12: Who was the liturgical "expert" that designed the Novus Ordo?
Question #13: The title of the Vatican II constitution on the liturgy is Sacrosanctum Concilium.
Question #14: Novus Ordo Mass eliminates which parts of the Traditional Latin Mass?
Question #15: St Basil said there are two reasons to receive Holy Communion in the hand. Which is NOT one: