Quiz for Revelation

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Active Quiz for Book of Revelation
You'll need to correctly answer at least 13 of the 13 questions below ( 100%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Revelation continues which Old Testament book?
Question #2: Are Catholics Preterists or Futurists with regard to the Book of Revelation?
Question #3: Jerusalem and its temple were destroyed by the Romans in AD 70
Question #4: In Revelation, Christ is depicted with a red fiery beard.
Question #5: The Land Beast is a religious and apostate manifestation of the Sea Beast. Who is the Land Beast?
Question #6: The Sea Beast is Roman Empire and 4th beast from Daniel.
Question #7: The Whore of Babylon riding the Sea Beast signifies what spiritual reality?
Question #8: The New Jerusalem is the Catholic Church.
Question #9: The Woman clothed in the sun and pregnant is:
Question #10: The New Jerusalem is in what shape?
Question #11: What is the Satanic Trinity of the Apocalypse? Dragon. Sea Beast. Land Beast.
Question #12: How many trumpets in Revelation?
Question #13: Revelation pivots between two personifications of the moral life, derived from the OT book of Proverbs. Who are they?